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Sky Quakes: A Paranormal Phenomenon?

We’re always hearing explosions in Fish Lake Valley, Nevada. Most of them come from military installations in either Hawthorne or Nellis. (If not, someone is doing blasting at an odd mine somewhere up in the Silver Peak Mountains.) Occasionally we’ll see training flares drifting through the night sky, or a fighter jet buzzes a dirt road, both evidence of a military presence in the desert.

A military aircraft was likely the cause of the booms.
Fighter Jet

Every once in a while, however, weird noises are heard that cannot be explained away as bomb blasts. I recall one day, in particular, back in the spring of 2017, when something strange happened. The whole day was very bizarre.

The day in question started with a loud rumble from the east, which shook the whole house and caused my dogs and cats to jump. It was not an earthquake, nor one of the weird mountain rumbles discussed in our last article, nor was it a military-induced explosion. Whatever this was, it came from the sky. We had just experienced the legendary sky quake phenomenon.

This was not the end of it, though. Another similar rumble struck about twenty minutes later. Then another one, and another one. Whatever was going on, the rumbles seemed to happen every twenty to thirty minutes.

I began to notice another strange detail accompanying the rumbles. Flashes of light, such as you might see reflected from a car window, came with the noises. The flashes would often be followed by a blasting rumble a few minutes later or just before.

I don’t remember how many times our house as shaken that day, but the flash phenomenon was actually more frequent than the booms. Yes, sometimes they occurred without an accompanying blast. Whatever was causing both disturbances ended after dark. There were no more rumbles and no more weird, metallic flashes after sunset.

But what caused this strange day? Let’s start with the flashes. Were they actually the reflection of car windows or something else entirely? More likely they were the flashes of aircraft flying somewhere over the valley and the mountains. The fact that the flashes stopped after sunset only makes me more suspicious that they were reflections of the sun.

What about the booms? They were not explosions. Theories about sky quakes suggest that they are caused by the wake of experimental aircraft, particularly supersonic craft that are going too fast to be seen. However, I have experienced sonic booms before and I am pretty certain that this is what I heard that day.

But what was creating those sonic booms? Whatever the source, they were unusually loud. Strangely, I did not see any aircraft that day, except for the usual passenger jets that pass over the valley at around 40,000 feet. Could the jets in questions have been flying too low to be seen in the sky? It’s entirely possible they were too low, as well as flying too fast to be seen, as suggested by the theories.

So what exactly was happening that day? Clearly this was some kind of experiment or training mission. We will probably never know, as military operations aren’t usually disclosed to the public, especially if they involved an experimental aircraft.

Could this have been considered a paranormal phenomenon? Probably not. Was it strange, though? Definitely. It will just have to go down in the record as another of those strange things that happen in the high desert.

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