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Angry and Disgusted

I don’t really have anything profound to write about today because I’m too pissed off to think of anything to write. There are a lot of reasons for this, some of them personal and very annoying. Much more importantly, though, is that there is a madman on the loose in Russia with his sites set on plundering the resources of Ukraine like the profane pirate that he is! Really I can deal with the trivial crap going on in my own household, but it’s the latter issue that I find totally appalling.

It’s not like we didn’t have warning that this was coming, either. Putin’s plan has been in place for a long time, at least the last decade. It’s the whole reason he hired all those trolls to manipulate social media and tampered with politics in other countries. To simplify it greatly, it was an attempt to weaken and preoccupy the rest of the world with bullshit. And did we react when it started happening? Well, except for a few minor moos of discontent from the herd, not much. Because that’s what the First World has been for this whole time, cattle chewing cud while everything goes wrong around us. We sat around and watched, moon-eyed and stupid, while this chancroid-infested turd plotted a takeover worthy of a Bond villain.

After all the things that have happened in Russia in the last decade, did we react appropriately? Did we care? The answer is no, of course not. Oh, sure, there were a few mild complaints, some ignored calls for action, but nothing that would make a huge difference. Either we didn’t believe something like this could happen in our day and age, or we just weren’t paying attention. We were too busy speculating about his alleged affair with a gymnast half his age, talking about the weird way he walks and what it could mean, and laughing at memes of him swimming shirtless with dolphins.

That’s what we always do with serious issues, though. Preoccupy ourselves with nonsensical drivel and throw sand at each other on the playground. Debates consist of picking teams on two polarized sides of an issue, no matter how illogical those sides may be. We blindly choose based on the stupidest things, too, things such as what some political party or guru tells us to do or what some random meme said. And it really doesn’t matter if it actually makes sense or if we believed this before we heard the trumpet sound. Global issues are just a bunch of sporting events and we must stand with our teams, right?

Just look at the pandemic for a fine example of stupid political team picking. A deadly virus starts spreading around the world, killing people by the millions, and immediately sides are picked and political lines drawn, and no one thought of the consequences. No, it was all anti-mask “freedom” marches and calling the virus fake simply because some idiot political figure told people to do it. Nothing else! Guess what, someone is taking advantage of you conservative conspiracy theorists. They are doing the very thing that you supposedly are avoiding from the Illuminati or whoever it is you think is after you this time. And why? To sell flags and hats, to take your money for their own personal gain. And you fell for it like the childish troglodytes you are!

Don’t think it’s just blind conservatism that leads to this bullshit, either. It’s happening to almost everybody! People were burning to death in Paradise, California, and immediately the sides were drawn and the teams picked. It was logging versus climate change. But if you’ve read my blog or any credible source about wildfire science, for that matter, you would know it’s not that simple. None of these issues are, but people are too distracted by the fight to care or do anything worthwhile about them. Exactly as this egotistical starfish licker and his troll army wanted!

And it’s not just Putin, either. Let’s not give that Hitlerish fart cloud all the credit. Politicians use it to manipulate votes out of you. The news media uses it to sell copy and pander to their advertisers. (There is no "liberal" or "conservative" media, only corporate interests.) Everyone uses the political bickering strategy to their advantage and we fall for it. Every time! We have since at least the year 2000. This is the century of bipartisan bickering, cud-chewing, and pandering to the trivial. It’s disgusting!

When we aren’t fighting each other, we are getting pissed off and freaked out by whatever Anne Coulter or Tucker Carlson or some other such bullshitter are saying. You know they are just there to distract you, right? There’s a reason sewage lakes like Fox News hire them in the first place. Just watch the next time some conservative pundit opens their fat yap and says the most outrageous thing they can possibly think of. The headlines are plastered with their words and the bickering responses from politicians and other notable reporters. Meanwhile, everything from school shootings to invasions of foreign countries are shoved to the bottom of the page in small print. Don’t think it’s not being done on purpose! And yet we keep falling for it rather than giving these people the attention they deserve. None! Just remember, the less you feed the monster, the more likely it is to go away and stop spewing drivel.

I suppose I should be encouraged about what’s happening around the world right now. There is all this chaos in Ukraine engineered by a madman and the whole globe is taking notice and standing up against it. With the exception of a few baffling (or maybe not so surprising) holdouts, we have all come together to condemn Putin’s actions in our own ways. The only opposition I really see are from the lingering social media trolls desperately clinging to the hope that their methods still work. (Those pathetic pieces of vomit!) But that is the little bit of encouragement I’ve got.

When all of this is over and, hopefully, that bad movie villain gets a taste of his own medicine and is stopped, we must all use this as an example of what can be done. Look what the world can do when we come together. Will we go back to comfortably chewing our cuds and watching everything moon-eyed and divided? Or will we decide enough is enough and stop the petty bickering to actually do something worthwhile? I remain pessimistic, but perhaps I’ll be proven wrong. There is always a chance, no matter how miniscule. But until I see it, I remain angry and disgusted.

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